Thursday, July 31, 2008

Me Myself & I

Harlo, everybody! It can consider that this is the first time i blogging. Well, i'm not a special gal, normal as well, Love to shop, eat and sleep.... etc. Love to challenge new things tat something tough and being proud, learn from the past and better don't give up!! So, this is ME, Shirley Wee.

Start from the left : Vivian, ME, Tammy, Angel

FRIEND play important role in our life, I have 3 little buddies, Vivian, Tammy and Angel. They are excellent, perfect, beautiful... etc. (Gurl, see how i promote u guyz) Well, so sad that they are unavailable. I alway hang up with them, shopping, eating, dancing, singing, beaching, traveling.....etc. Four of us love ''lady nite'', we can talk or play like nobody else around us, it's so lovely and memorable. I love this feeling as well. (Dont u like that, gurlz?)

hahaa....Anyone who know this guy? Well, He not handsome, not sexy like justin timberlake, but, i can say tat he lovely, romance and funny. Thank you for everything and i will appreciate our relationship. Keep it up and challenge it, we can do it better and better!!

To be continue ..